Welcome to Unity Christian Fellowship, Church of God, and Christ Online Church! 

About Us

Unity Christian Fellowship, Church of God and Christ, is not just another online church. We are a vibrant, multicultural, and multi-generational community, a place where everyone, regardless of their background or location, is warmly welcomed. We are uniquely dedicated to serving our virtual community’s spiritual, educational, and cultural needs. Whether you’re joining us from across the street or the globe, we’re thrilled to have you here.

Worship Encounters

Message from Our Pastor and Wife

Bishop Gabriel McCurtis and Mrs. Debra McCurtis, a couple who lead our virtual congregation with love, wisdom, and a heart for God, extend a personal and heartfelt invitation to you. They invite you to join our fellowship and experience the transformative power of faith, even in the digital realm.

Prayer Requests

Do you have a prayer request? Could you submit it here: unitycogic@msn.com?

Your Generosity Matters

Your donations play a crucial role in our online ministry. They enable us to continue serving our community and spreading the message of God’s love. To contribute, visit our donation page.